About NTC

NTC Infrastructure


National Tennis Center (NTC) is located in Indias Capital city of New Delhi at the RK Khanna Tennis Complex. With the majority of Indias Davis Cup, Billie Jean King Cup, ITF Mens, Womens and Junior events taking place here, the location of NTC can be considered the hub of tennis in India

This facility also boasts 2 state of the art gymnasiums, swimming pool, restaurant and a spa-making this sporting infrastructure one of the best in the country. Players are welcome to attend the tennis program which runs year-round

NTC Programmes

NTCs tennis program is targeted towards talented junior, mens and women players who are looking to improve their game through professional training, hard work, discipline and motivation. The tennis program is tailored to include up to 5 hours of daily instruction, focus on every aspect of the game, including on and off-court performance routines, and each players technical, tactical, and mental outlook.

There are specialized drills for consistency and accuracy as well as supervised match-play led by our professional coaching staff. Based on years of coaching experience, our tennis program offers an opportunity to take each players game to the next level. Along with enhancing their individual play, our players enjoy the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy social activities in a safe environment. .

Additional Information

Players are welcome to attend the tennis program which runs year-round.

Whenever possible, NTC will also help players participate in optional local All India Tennis Association (AITA) sanctioned tournaments; however, please note that tournament involvement includes additional expenses.

A program like the NTC, which the AITA Trust and DLTA have started, has never been implemented in India. A dedicated tennis center supported by the AITA which caters to the needs of the tennis players in India. India being such a vast country, makes it difficult for the top players to train and socialise together, as well as prepare them for their career in the sport all under one roof.

To have access to professional tennis coaches, world class infrastructure, an opportunity to watch and train with some of the top mens, womens and junior players of the country- alongside the right support team- are some of the most important criteria needed to produce highly ranked players, especially in todays day and age.


A long term plan which enables us to work not just at the grassroot level but also support players who are now playing in the Under 12, 14, 16 and 18s through a scholarship/part scholarship program.

To have the Indian Davis Cup Team and Billie Jean King Cup players use NTC as a base for their tennis training, fitness or rehabilitation. A dedicated team of coaches, fitness trainers, physios, nutritionist/dieticians are already in place to help players of all levels.

To have the next generation of top ranked tennis players coming out of the NTC tennis programme.

Tennis camps for players who are not a part of the NTC scholarship program.

Inviting various tennis associations and federations from India and worldwide to have their players train at the NTC.